About Us

People are unique. So too is the way they play.


Pyro Corporation isn't a cheating business, We're a gaming business. We offer the chance for all players to game the way they like, without restrictions put on them. That's the way we believe gaming should be. Not only do we offer mods at affordable prices, too allow them to be accessible to all, we work with other business's to help them grow and allow more people to experience the joy of gaming.


 We work with Mod developers to bring you the best experience directly to your emails. We know how frustrating it is to work with our competitors, so like all innovators, we decided to be the change. Join us, and let's take your gaming one step forward. Let's make gaming more enjoyable for everyone, starting here, at Pyro Corp.

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Gain access to a community of like minded individuals. If you got questions then we got the answers. Kill and chill or just hang around. All our members get mod updates and chances to get free stuff via giveaways.

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