About Us

At Pyro, we have been known for disrupting the market through our dedication to your modding experience. We began the idea of Pyro Recoveries, rebranded as Pyro Corp with the belief that the market could and should be changed from the uninspired status quo. We sought out to bring a new age of modding to life.


And through everything we brought forth, we’ve managed to circumnavigate the normal, and instead bring out the best of modding into one place. We knew what our customers wanted, and it for sure wasn’t the boring, stale and saturated market of unreliable trainers and mod menus, or sketchy websites that risk the customer. So we put ourselves to work developing Pyro Corp: the solution to any modders problems. If you're ready to join our 1000+ customers, and level the playing field, it’s time to choose Pyro.

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Gain access to a community of like minded individuals. If you got questions then we got the answers. Kill and chill or just hang around. All our members get mod updates and chances to get free stuff via giveaways.

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